Heart Gallery- Photograph a Child! Helping these special kids find their “Forever Families”

We volunteered again to photograph kids for Heart Gallery NYC

9 children, all with special needs, are hoping to find their “forever families”

It was amazing to connect with teens that could not speak but could directly but could communicate through their eyes given time.

I was deeply touched by the gifted staff that give each day to these special soul and make life just a bit brighter.

Trans celebration

I am deeply saddened again to hear about a useless violent death. Dupree is the fifth trans woman killed in 2017.

Advice that resonated with me… get to know someone different then you and you may be surprised how much you overlap.

I was introduced to the Pechi Di at a ICP lecture on trans in the media and I immediately hoped to photograph her. Serendipity … I  had just watched Ish Perelta  a very talented body painter at work in a nyc subway doing a post it activist piece.  I ask Ish if he may collaborate with me on a shoot with a trans model and he most generously agreed to the idea .

Just returning from the dc woman’s march I saw pechi as a poster ! 😉 )  This was just the start of  a new lovely friendship.