1/3 texan, 1/3 new yorker, 1/3 open to grow…



woman, mother, daughter, romantic, friend and photographer…and in love with life!

The ones of you who now me best know that I talk too fast, spell terribly and with this blog I can’t blame it on iPhone typos!

Driven by image making and being thankful for finding my passion…

My life is made rich making pictures and spending time with all of the creative, talented and professional, individual,  positive people that make up the community that helps make phtotos, learning about new people and places with each experience.

Inspired by emotion…  my drive come from real life experiences of raising two teens boys and also being one of six children from totally awesome creative parents.

Camille’s commercial project can be seen on my website and more personal exploration will be shared here

Give us a call anytime! 917-821-9881